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A sci-fi podcast about a man who is faced with a decision that will change his life forever when a mysterious diagram appears in front of him. What happens if he chooses wrong? His whole life could be in jeopardy.


This white square is a piece of paper, folded in half exactly four times and placed in the exact centre of the man’s work area. The man is perplexed, he thinks that the wind perhaps blew the paper in from outside when he opened the door, however, the night was not windy nor if it were could a breeze have placed the paper on the table so perfectly. This square was positioned so perfectly that it was screaming to be opened. BUILD ME reads the note."

On a dead end street corner in a decrepit suburb of a never ending city, a man sits with his head in his hands. He sits and ponders about all the events, decisions and actions in his life that have brought him to this exact point in time. All the moments, birthed of chaos and joy that have led this unnamed man to make a decision, a decision that will change his, and every other human’s life for the rest of history. The man struggles with his decision, for he has never had to deal with anything this important, as a matter of fact, he himself has never felt important in his whole existence. He sits, with his head in his hands and asks himself a question:

Why him?

Despite all the celebrities and world leaders, CEO’s and geniuses, billionaires and politicians, all the people powerful enough to create change in this waking world, why him?

This simple, lonely mechanic, who lives in a 1 bedroom apartment, and has no next of kin except for a great uncle who lives somewhere on an island in the pacific. Why him?

Then another thought enters his mind. Maybe that is why. Perhaps the fact that this man who has never been noticed, treated or desired, never really been anything at all, is that exact perfect suit for this decision. Maybe the fact that this mere mortal, this nobody, has been bestowed this gift, this burden, is in fact the most important part of this whole story.

Before this decision can be made, a story must be told, the story of the decision, the man and everything in between, but before telling that story there is something you should know, this story begins with the end, and ends with the beginning, everything in between is merely placed to serve the purpose of stitching the two together, like the stones on a path that show where to walk or the threads on a blanket, their whole existence is for one purpose, to be the means to which two ends are held together.

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