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The Tower


As I grip the door handle nothing fills my body, not a single emotion clouds my brain, I am not frightened nor excited, happy nor sad, nervous nor relieved, I am nothing. The door opens from the slightest push on the door handle. But, when I step inside I am now filled with an emotion, dread.

A room as black as midnight. I cannot make out figures in the darkness nor am I afraid there is any. I take a step forward. Then another. A door opens.

The sliver of light let in by the ever-silent door grows larger until it stops. The room is still as dark as it was before. As if the door had no effect on the absence of light. - I call this a room for lack of a better word, I cannot say whether this space that I am in, that I have been in for as long as I can remember, is in fact a room, I cannot see walls nor windows, no furniture or ornaments, only the door, or at least the shape of a doorway. The doorway that has no effect on the darkness that fills this so-called “room” - I make my way towards the white, luminescent rectangle that so strikingly contrasts the rest of the space. As I exit, I find myself in another room - this time I can for certain say that it is - The walls curve around every angle I can perceive to create a perfect circle. The room is not large nor small, it is exactly the size it needs to be to fit its purpose, whatever that purpose may be. Within this perfectly circular room sits two doors across from where I currently stand, the doorway behind which is now inaccessible, and a single light overhead, hanging directly in the middle of the circular ceiling, illuminating the circular room. I walk over to the two closed doors.

As I reach the door on the left I notice it has nothing on it, no details or engravings, no peep-hole and more importantly no door handle. If I didn’t know any better I would almost say that it is not a door but instead a rectangle painted on the wall that meets the requirements of a door. As I feel my way around the outline, I feel a coldness, an incredible coldness coming from the other side. I turn to observe the door to the right. Similarly this door contains nothing on it except for one feature, a simple door knob. I turn the knob and open the door to reveal a staircase that spirals upwards past the furthest the human eye can see, a staircase that transcends to an unfathomable height to reach an unimaginable destination. But it must lead somewhere, right? The staircase has to end eventually, doesn’t it?

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