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When a young man finds an unbelievable item in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, he must venture to the only place that can help him restore the world.


“I just woke up to the sun coming through the window. Not once in my eighteen years have I ever woken up with the sun on my face, and let me tell you Diary it is an experience. Mind you I did it in a hazmat suit so it wasn’t exactly how it was done before The Green but I can see now how amazing life was back then, I wonder if they really appreciated it"

On the fourth floor of a torn, dilapidated building, a hand pick’s up a book that lays on the ground, a small layer of dirt and debris covers the leather that encompasses the pages. Another hand brushes the cover and opens the book to its first page, the paper is old but intact and the writing is crude but legible. The page reads:

January 29th, 2072

Dear Diary,

Welcome to the family! Today Dad brought me home a present from the outside, he said it was very special and that I deserve it for being a good boy for all these years. Can you guess what the present is?

It’s you!

I had never heard of a diary before but Granny said that when she was young, before The Green made The Outside a bad place, a diary was something that she had, that a lot of people had! They would write important things in it like special days like birthdays or their thoughts and feelings or when they had to do their chores (I don’t like doing my chores, but Dad says I have to because everyone in the community helps each other). Granny and Dad don’t know when their birthdays are, because when they came to The Bunker no one kept track of the dates for a long time. But I know when my birthday is, it is in exactly two months, twelve days and ten hours. I don’t know when your birthday is, so let’s make it today, happy birthday diary, You’re my new best friend!

There are other kids here my age, there’s Atticus, he’s super mean when there are no adults around and all the other kids follow what he does. There’s Lucy, she’s really sweet, sometimes she tells Atticus to stop being mean to me, her and Atticus are like four years older than me but I know that one day me and Lucy are gonna get married. Then there is James, he’s the quiet one, Michael, he’s James’s younger brother and Kiera, she’s Atticus’s cousin, she’s kinda weird but I think she’s okay.

The other kids don’t like me very much, and they never wanna play together because they think I’m different. I think it’s coz of my skin, my whole left side of my body is scarred and red coz Dad found me as a baby when he was out searching for food for The Bunker. He says that I was crying really loud coz The Green was bad for my skin and started hurting it so he took me. I don’t care that he’s not my real dad, I still love him anyway. Sometimes when I look in the teeny weeny mirror that Granny has next to her bed I can see why the other kids won’t want to hang out with me. I just wish they would understand that even though I look a little bit different to them, I’m still a kid and I wanna play chasey too.

Oh, well, it doesn’t matter because I have you now! You and me are gonna have heaps of fun, I’ll show you around the community and I promise to write in you when something important happens, or when I get a little lonely. I want to write in you every day but Granny says that you’re the only one I have, so I can’t waste your pages. She said I should only write in you when I need to express my emotions or something I really want to remember in twenty years from now happens. I can’t go against Granny, she’s really nice and I love her but she can be really mean and loud if you do something wrong.

Anyways, I better go now Diary, Dad’s calling me because it’s our turn to cook the night meal for the community, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye!

The hand turns the page, there is a large chunk of pages missing, by the look of the spine where they once sat, it seems as though they were torn out. The next page that presented itself read...

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